LEARN will be undergoing major changes over the next few weeks . . .  Apologies for any inconvenience.
The Latest
  • The changes on the test site are coming along nicely. We are aiming for relaunch somewhere between the middle to end of May.

About Us

LEARN is run and supported by volunteers from everywhere.  We thank you!

We attempt to highlight ideas, processes and programs that have the potential to change things significantly.  We subscribe to the idea that a wide overview of innovation can help us all better connect the dots in a time of quick and dramatic change.

Your ideas are most welcome and we love connecting to the institutions, teams and individuals doing this great work – we, the volunteers, wish you well!

We are, and will be, a constant work in progress.  IF YOU HAVE A BETTER IDEA – WE WOULD WELCOME THE OPPORTUNITY TO EXPLORE IT WITH YOU.

If you see anything that could use an update or correction please contact rsmith [at] learn.ca.

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